SMART Mobile

The best solution for capturing conservation data

SMART mobile is the leading solution for capturing data in protected areas. SMART Mobile allows staff to easily, accurately, and quickly collect and upload data for analysis and action. SMART Mobile offers functionality and user experience enhancements specifically requested by the SMART user community, as well as much tighter integration with the SMART desktop software and SMART Connect. 

SMART Mobile enhances the tried and trusted power of  CyberTracker with a new and streamlined data entry process, support for high-resolution icons, touch/swipe controls, advanced mapping and navigation, support for multiple languages, flexible changes to patrol metadata on the fly, real-time alerts, and many other new functions.

SMART Mobile General Benefits

A Modern User Interface
SMART Mobile has a modern easy to use user interface.  Some of the features include smooth scrolling, easy to use lists, and high-resolution icons.

Additional new features that improve the usability features include dark mode, multi-language support (including support for a broader range of languages), and font scaling to allow text to be easily read.


Modern state of the art mapping
The state of the art mapping in SMART Mobile includes the ability to complement online base maps with offline maps generated directly from SMART desktop.  The user experience includes features such as pinch-zoom, map rotation  and navigation follow mode.

Multi-leg patrols and on the fly patrol type changes
Patrol type can now be changed on the fly.  Also, patrols can now be easily paused and resumed.  When paused the track timer is disconnected, ensuring that SMART delivers an even more accurate measure of effort. 

Detailed sighting history
SMART Mobile supports viewing your full sighting history in the field.  Individual sightings can be edited without disrupting patrols/surveys

Navigate to previous observations
Building off the sighting history, the “Goto” feature supports users to navigate to previously visited locations.

Add independent incidents during patrols/surveys
During or outside of a patrol or survey, observations can be recorded independently from a patrol or survey.  These observations are recorded as independent incidents in SMART.  For example, if you are collecting ecological records data on a mission but have a protocol of recording human-wildlife conflict or poaching signs independently,  you can now easily record these are independent incidents without interrupting your overall data collection.

Desktop demo version for training
SMART Mobile also has a Desktop demo version for Windows which works exactly the same as the mobile version that can be used for training. The GPS simulation can be customized for your location as part of the training.

Robust kiosk mode
We’ve built a robust kiosk mode that locks the device for use only by SMART Mobile.   Kiosk mode can be exited with a pin.

Simple, Customizable Themes
Ability to customize the look and appearance of SMART Mobile from within SMART selecting theme colors and your own project icon.

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